Small Groups / Bible Studies


Winter 2017

 The Armory Men’s Group

Monday Evening // 7:00 PM // HeBrews Cafe

If you are a man 18 or older who feels like less than who God made you to be; someone who feels like your spiritual weapons have been left unattended, rusting, broken; then join the men of Grace Church at the Armory on Mondays for a time of renewal, strengthening, and direction. Each week, we look to and study the scriptures so that we may learn how, by the grace of God,  to be men of valor and strength, leaders in the church, leaders in our home, and leaders in our community. Come and get equipped so that you can be the man, husband, father that God has called you to be!

Currently Studying: 2 Corinthians

Tuesday Night Women’s Group

Tuesday Evening // 6:30 PM // Room 203 // Led by Jackie Rapp, Portia McClain, Cindy Rivers, & Ellen Barnes

The purpose of our group is to nurture, love on, grow, witness, which basically is healing hearts, feeding souls and opening spiritual eyes.  Additionally, to get filled up so we can pour out on others, (family, co-workers, the community, etc.).

Currently Studying: The Book of Ephesians

Financial Peace Small Group

1st & 3rd Wednesday each Month // 7:15 PM // Home of Henry & Anne Koether // Led by Henry Koether

The focus is on finances – what Scripture says, attitudes, debt management, investing – in other words, anything related to family finances (kids, parents, self).  Drawing on Scripture, the Financial Peace course, wisdom of the group.

Address:  12343 Reservoir Road; Glen Rock, PA 17327 (about 2 miles from church)

Email; Number: 443-386-7998.

Thursday Night Women’s Small Group

Thursday Evenings // 6:30 PM // HeBrew’s Cafe // Led by Cathi Ennis & Peggy Jenkins

The heartaches of life are much too real, and we all experience our own personal type of storm. In this study there is practical guidance for making it through these inner storms and help in finding the peace waiting on the other side. Whatever you struggle with, be encouraged that there are those who struggle with you.  Be comforted in the truth that despite all the chaos we face in life, there is unlimited confidence in knowing that we are God’s beloved children. God’s constant promise to be with us is as clear and beautiful as a rainbow after a storm, but one is not seen without the other.

Bleary Eyed Men’s Group

Friday Morning // 6:00 AM // HeBrew’s Café // Led by Gene Stum

Despite the name, we are actually very awake at 6:00 a.m.  Yes that’s right.  We have been meeting at this time for several years.  We are early risers and are usually on our way to work or retired. The Bible, prayer, and building relationships are important to us. We often go to breakfast together and most of us participate in some ministry or outreach of the church. Prayer is offered for healing, praise, and other concerns as needed.

Currently Studying: The Resurrection of the Messiah by Ray Vanderlaan

Heart of David Sunday School Class

Sunday Morning // 9:30 AM // Room 201 // Led by Perry Willcox

We are a Sunday Morning Bible Study made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to seek the Lord through His holy word and strive to develop “the Heart of David” in own lives. We typically work though a DVD series that helps us accomplish this. All are welcome to attend! For more information, contact Perry Willcox.

Currently Studying: Christian Character – Learn to become the person that God wants you to be.

Journey Sunday School Class

Sunday Morning // 9:30 AM // Room 203 // Led by Mary Ritchey

We are a Sunday Morning Bible Study designed to show us how to use the scriptures as a basis for our Christian journey. At times we study a specific book of the bible and at other times we look at issues that are at the heart of each of our journeys. Our group is open to anyone, won’t you join us in our journey?

Currently Studying: The Chronological Gospel Project – Learn how Jesus fits into the entire Biblical narrative.