Operation Gratitude 2020

Operation Gratitude 2020

The Call went out, and grace has chosen to accept the mission!

The Holiday’s are a tough time for soldiers to be away from their families. To help ease that burden, and at the request of Chaplain JT Thomas, Grace Church will be putting together Christmas Gifts for nearly 500 soldiers stationed throughout the Middle East. These gifts will be delivered on Christmas-Eve to bless the soldiers and bring cheer to the holiday season. This time period will also mark the half-way point of their deployment so any boost in morale would do wonders for the soldiers, knowing that the people back home are thinking and praying for them.

A word from Chaplain JT Thomas

How Can I be a part of this mission?

We are asking for donations for the following pre-approved items:



Playing Cards (any kind)


Tasty Cakes

Trail Mix

Hard Candy

Individual Powder Drink Mix

*We are also asking for hand-written notes/cards with personal messages of encouragement and gratitude*

*Please buy name-brand items and not generic*

Items that can not be sent:

  • Food taken out of original packaging
  • Damaged goods
  • Expired items
  • No personal Identifying information

When do donations need to be in by?

All donations, whether items or cards, can be dropped off at the church during normal office hours or on Sunday mornings. We will be accepting donations up until Sunday, November 22, 2020.

After worship that morning, we will have a “Packing Party Luncheon” where we will assemble the 500+ Christmas bags to send oversees to our brave men and women.

Let’s go Grace Church! Let’s be a blessing to our soldiers over seas! 500 packages is a tall task, but I know we can do it!

Any questions or for further information, please contact Bob Ketenheim at shanghist@aol.com