BIG in the Basement


BIG is off for the Summer!

See you in the Fall!



  1. No electronic devices will be permitted at BIG. This includes cell-phones, tables, I-anything, etc. Please leave them at home. We promise, you won’t be bored.
  2. You need to register the first time you come each school year.  The form needs to be filled out by an adult.  You can register online (see link above) or fill out a form at the church before BIG.  If done online, and it is after 2 p.m. on a Friday before a date BIG is held, you need to either print a copy of your registration to bring with you or have an adult come in and fill one out that night.
  3. You MUST verify your current Grade at check-in with a Student ID or any other official school document (Report Card, Schedule, etc). Once verified, the student will not need to do this for the rest of the school year (2017-18)
  4. Parents MUST come inside to get their student at the end of the night. Students will not be allowed to leave the building without a parent.


April 20: Last BIG of the season – so come out for our end-of-season bash!

See you in the Fall!

*In addition to the BIG game for the night, there will also be the other small activities going on, such as video games, pool, air hockey, arts & crafts, and board games


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Admission is still just $2 or (2) canned goods!

What is BIG? Check out the video

Something BIG in the Basement is a program for kids in grades 5-8, and it meets just about every Friday night during the school year.

The evening begins with a silly game (like putting pantyhose over your head, and eating a banana through them!).  After that, we have discussion time, covering topics that affect middle schoolers, designed to help them handle difficult situations and issues. We talk about things like:  cyber bullying and how to handle it, teachers that seem to hate you, and parents that “treat you like children.” 🙂  These life lessons are always reinforced with scripture and point to Jesus Christ.  After discussion time, kids are allowed to take part in their choice of the offered activities.  Whether it’s the BIG game upstairs, Playstation, creating in the art studio, playing pool, or just hanging out with friends.

During the evening, kids are able to purchase snacks and refreshments at the snack bar, which offers free popcorn, drinks, some hot foods and prepackaged snack/candy items.

The purpose of Something BIG in the Basement is to offer a group of kids in our community a place to hang out and be themselves with people who truly care about them. We show and teach the unconditional love and forgiveness of Christ.