Messages on Afterlife

Messages on Afterlife

What About Those Who Can’t Believe?

We could not conclude our “Afterlife” Series without raising the fundamental, controversial, and most difficult question: What about those who can’t believe? What about those who do not have either the mental capacity or the available knowledge to respond to the Gospel? What is the hope for such people? Is there any hope for such people?

What is Hell Like? – Luke 16:23-31

Continuing in our “Afterlife” Series, Pastor Jeff looks at the second part of the Luke 16 passage dealing with the rich man and Lazarus and details the torment that lies ahead in a real place called Hell for those who do not believe, and also the solution that God gave so no one every has to go there.

What is Hell? – Matthew 25:41-46

Hell is real, just as real as Heaven, whether you want to believe it or not. Jesus spoke about Hell more times in the Gospel’s then He ever did about Heaven. Why? Because you were not meant to go there and He does not want you to go there. Starting in Matthew 25 and looking at other passages along the way, Pastor Jeff unpacks what Hell is, why it’s important, and how each person can be saved from it.

What is Heaven Like? – Revelation 21 & 22

Jesus says in Revelation 21:5, “Behold, I make all things new”. Heaven is perfect. It is a perfect place, designed by a perfect God, for His perfect people. But just how perfect is it? Looking at Revelation 21 & 22, Pastor Jeff gives six perfections as to what Heaven is like, what the believer will be doing, and has to look forward to.

What Happens When You Die? – Hebrews 9:27, Luke 16:19-24

Unless Jesus returns first, everyone is going to die. But then what? In the first installment of our new series, “Afterlife”, Pastor Jeff teaches on the subject of death and dying and drawing from Hebrews 9:27 and Luke 16:19-24, lays a Biblical foundation answering this question, explains why this subject is so important, what is at stake, and why we desperately need to get it right. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the…